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恶意投诉 解决办法


針對 恶意投訴 理由,卖家需要先检视!先确认自己的店家 没有违规


一,FBA 订单产生破损 → 坚持是亚马逊库房的问题,也有可能是亚马逊的物流方造成的损伤。


二,自建ASIN → listings 是卖家自建的,包括产品描述和图片不涉及侵权,况且在美国注册过商


恶意投诉 不可取,电邮告知亚马逊


恶意投诉 解决办法


一,针对商品破损回复 (Damaged Item complaints)

In regards to your questions, we’re giving the response as follows.


First, we don’t know which order caused this damaged issue and who give you the complaint, if you can tell, that would be better for us to resolve.


1. If an order is fulfilled by seller, we dispatch every order item with well package. Even though we get to know buyers left a message said his/her ordered items was broken or left an negative feedback about any problems on our Amazon store, we have not hesitate to contact the buyer who have this matter,express our apology and then replace or refund the payment as per the buyers’s request. (主动表示卖家非常有诚意处理商品问题)


Here comes a real example from our customer placed an order from our shop, FBA Order ID:


XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX;ASIN:XXXXX, customers said that one item part was missing, then we contacted her immediately, we not only sent her the missing part but also an free gift for the apology as promise.


once customers received our package, she left a good feedback like this

The seller was very helpful in making sure I received a missing part. They were in constant contact with me regarding the status of the piece and they shipped it as promised. Very happy with this purchase and the seller.


We’re committed to provide best service and shipping experience to every customers buying from our shop.



2. If order is fulfilled by Amazon, any damaged shipping is caused by your warehouse center or your partner carrier.

(商品是 FBA ,运送过程中的破损为 Amazon物流的责任。)


For example FBA order:XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX, the buyer told us”Hi, my packaged arrived today and 1 of the  2 step displays were broken. Can you send another?” then we contacted the buyer and assist him for replacement.


What’s more, the FBA Order ID:XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX ;ASIN:XXXXX with missing part, it should be your  responsibility, however, we re-sent the missing part without bother your Amazon customer team which should be  resolved by you, we just want to let you we’re always strive to our service as a reliable seller. In regards to all FBA  order, if occur damaged issue, there’s no doubt should be repsonsible by you as you said Message from Amazon:  “This item was fulfilled byAmazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”

虽然是 Amazon 的责任,但卖家还是主动负责,没有向亚马逊咎责。)


I think all these words above are enough to show you our solution about damaged items complaints.


二,版权侵权回复 (Q: As to the Complaint Type : Right’s Owners report)

The listings of ASIN:XXXXX, XXXXX is created by (店铺名称), (店铺名称) is also a US registered trademark protected by US law.Since we don’t have any infringement against the seller, please withdraw the complaint, if you still insist on that, please show us your proof.


BQool 建议:(强调商品已在美国注册商标


亚马逊卖家知识分享 – 防止被跟卖以及申请品牌


All the proof shows the complaints Amazon sent us that we’re a victim harmed by other sellers on the excuse of different complaints, it’s a behavior of cut – throat competition, hope you investigate this matter.






*先 确认 遭投诉的事项店家 没有违规


*举出过去 类似的投诉案件,找实际 Order ID 和 ASIN,说明过去实际的处理方式,以及客户后续的回复。让亚马逊可以参考,证明越多越好。



恶意投诉 申诉成功,账号恢复





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